Product Review: Pearls for Pups earrings

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working on a fundraiser with a wonderful nonprofit organization, Pearls for Pups! They are a mother-daughter team, based out of Maryland, with a love for dogs and a knack for jewelry making. They design and create earrings by hand and, let me tell you, these earrings are FANCY! Their line consists of mostly pearls, and each one is named after a different dog breed, which is so sweet. They also have a smaller line of gemstone earrings, named after specific dogs who have touched their lives. There is a pair for everyone, and each one is guaranteed to add a layer of style and sophistication to your outfit.

On top of that, these ladies truly use their talent for good because they donate all the profits for their earrings to animal shelters and rescues. The organize weekend online fundraisers for specific rescue groups and help promote the event through social media channels and their website to ensure it is a success. It was a great partnership and I am so impressed by their generosity and enthusiasm.

When I received my earrings in the mail, all I could think was, “These ladies are so talented!” The earrings were so beautiful and well-made, and the packaging they came in was on point. I still had a few hours to go before getting ready for my night out (which The Chihuahua earrings were perfect for), so I thought I’d take some photos!

If you are a rescue or animal shelter looking for a really fun and easy fundraiser, fill our their request form at