Photo Session: Stacey, Ty, Felix, and Copper

Anyone who knows me personally knows I love senior pups! So when Stacey reached out to me asking to do a session with her, Ty, and their two 16-year-old dogs, I was super excited! They adopted Felix (terrier) and Copper (beagle) when they were just young puppies. The pups were playful, mischievous, and had an affinity for destroying rolls of toilet paper (oops!). Now that they are getting older, they are starting to slow down and deal with the things that come with old age. All of that isn't stopping them from being a couple of the sweetest dogs in the world, though. No doubt they are living it up in their golden years (I mean, hey, they are dog models now) because of the absolute abundance of love their paw-rents have for them.

p.s. I think I might steal Felix--look at that smile!