Photo Session: Meredith, Brandon, and Sutter

Somehow, since I started doing photo sessions, everyone I’ve worked with has been absolutely beautiful—on the inside and out. And Meredith and Brandon are no exception. These two, along with their dog Sutter, also help homeless dogs by fostering with Hope Animal Rescue! I, of course, was excited to photograph fellow HAR volunteers, as well as meet their adorable pup (who I stalked on social media and immediately showed by husband, saying, “Look at this dog we get to do a photo session with!”).

The couple got married over two years ago, and promised themselves at the time that they would wait at least six months until adopting a dog. Well, after two months of waiting, and casually “browsing” Petfinder, they saw Sutter and knew they had to have her! She was a bit of a basket case when they first adopted her—was not socialized, could not walk on a leash, and was extremely nervous. But you would never know it from these photos. Want to know why? It’s because she is doing amazing now! All she needed was a little TLC and since adoption, she has been a loyal, playful, and loving dog. Plus, now she is giving back and helping her parents foster other dogs just like her!

This family just radiates joy, and it shines through all of their photos. I had a ton of fun throughout the entire session, but Sutter definitely blew me away with her awesome trick, the T-Rex! Let’s see if anyone can top this…