Photo Session: Malcolm and Family

I think Malcolm is one of the most loved pups out there. After being recently diagnosed with cancer, his mom, Laura, booked him a photo session. We could’ve done just a mini session with Malcolm, but he has an awesome family of humans and dogs that love him… so we got everyone in on the action!

Anyone who has booked a session with me knows I send out a pre-session questionnaire that helps me get to know the people and dogs I am photographing. Laura told me all about the pups, but it was Malcom’s story that really struck a chord with me. Laura adopted Malcolm when she was very young, a kid still really, and the two sort of grew up together. They’ve gone through a lot and Malcolm as always been her rock. Laura put it best when she said, “I think everyone gets that one dog, and he’s mine..” This story has a striking similarity to (my dog) Oliver’s and my story, and so I knew I had to make this an awesome session.

Laura wanted an urban look to the photos and I am all about that! We explored downtown Durham, hanging out in a grungy parking lot, posing by the mural at The Mothership (tattoos+murals=love), and then treating Malcom to a doggy cupcake at Cocoa Cinnamon. It was fun getting to know the family, and it was equally sweet and entertaining watching Malcolm chow down on that cupcake in an instant!

You can really see the love and appreciation this family as for eachother. I know as long as Malcolm has Laura and his family, each day for him is going to be the happiest in the world.

Introducing Laura and Shea; Malcolm (pittie), Dude (cattle dog mix), and Tinka (chihuahua)