Photo Session: Karen, Marshall, Mae, and Beezy

One of the best things about shooting family sessions has been getting to further connect with people I already know through Hope Animal Rescue. Karen and Marshall are foster coordinators with the rescue and are some of the most humble and selfless people I know (and they listen to cool music too). So naturally I was honored when they asked me to shoot their maternity session… one that would specifically feature their dogs!

Karen and Marshall adopted Mae together over 2 years ago, after losing their previous dog, Mitzi, to cancer. Mae became a great foster sibling to the dogs Karen and Marshall helped Hope Animal Rescue care for. She grew especially close to their foster dog, Beezy, who was scared of the world, but sweet and happy at Karen and Marshall’s house. When we all saw photos of Beezy snuggled up in their bed (with a crown emoji on her head), we knew a foster fail was inevitable. After several months of fostering Beezy, Karen and Marshall decided to add to their family and adopt her. Now they are adding once more, but this time with a human addition!

Congratulations to Karen and Marshall, and I can’t wait to meet their little one!