Photo Session: Junebug's 8th Birthday

Last month, Junebug, our precious little Chihuahua, turned 8 years old. Officially a senior lady, it was the perfect time to commemorate her time on Earth, and well as love she has given Erik and me. While she is getting older, she still has style, spunk, and a quirky personality, so we wanted her session to reflect that.

We walked a little bit around downtown Raleigh, and ended up at Dram & Draught, a dog-friendly craft cocktail bar with an open patio. Junebug loved sitting on Erik’s lap at the table and meeting the other patrons (and dogs!), but, most of all, she loved the epic cupcake chow-down that took place a few minutes after arriving. At first she didn’t know what to do with the fancy, looks-too-good-to-eat cupcake from Woofgang Bakery, but after a few licks, she was all in. And I mean, ALL IN!

Once the cupcake was halfway devoured (ok, there is no way we could let her eat the whole thing… she’s only 5 lbs!), the food coma set in and Junebug just relaxed while Erik and I got a cocktail and enjoyed the rest of the evening. We all had a blast getting out around town to celebrate, and Junebug had an especially great time getting lots of pets, attention, and treats (did I mention the cupcake?!) Cheers to Junebug and the many birthdays ahead!