Hi, I'm Alyssa Stepien and I run Rose + Anchor, a pet photography business in Raleigh, NC! 


For the last couple of years, I have been a volunteer with Hope Animal Rescue and began photographing our adoptable dogs, with the hope of getting them noticed and adopted. What started as a casual hobby has developed into a passionate side hustle.


As a pet parent to two senior rescue dogs, I understand the indescribable love we feel for our pets. While we all have hundreds (errr, thousands?) of photos of our pets on our phones, you know your pet always seem to stop doing that really cute thing once they know you are taking their photo. Although a blurry photo of your dog turning their head away might be avant-garde, it’s probably not something you are going to print on your holiday cards or set as a profile picture. My experience with pets, as well as the patience with them, allows me to get the shots that really allow your pet’s true personality, and your bond with them, to shine!

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Photography for Pets and their People Raleigh, North Carolia

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